About us

Alena Goretskaya is a co-founder of the Papilio brand and a creative director of the Papilio Fashion House.

Established in 2002, The Papilio Fashion House launches two new complete collections of dresses for ceremonies and special occasions per year. Individuality of style, creative design solutions, precise attention and care for details made it possible for the brand to gain a reputable place among the wedding industry leaders in a short time. Just within three years the Papilio brand was represented in all cities in Russia, many European countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Baltic countries and others. Moreover, Papilio collections sell well in the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

In 2009, the Papilio Fashion House launched a new brand, Alena Goretskaya. The line of Premium category wedding and holiday evening dresses was branded under the name of the company’s senior designer.

2014 was a year when the Hellas Collection successfully debuted at Milan Bridal Fashion Week. Besides, in May 2015 the Fashion House is presenting a new Collection, the Swan Princess, in Milan.

Every launched collection got print media coverage. Over the years now all contestants representing Belarus at beauty Pageants: Miss World, Miss International, Miss Europe perform in dresses by Alena Goretskaya.


In 2012, Alena Goretskaya founded one more company under the namesake brand Alena Goretskaya, Akvarelli, and presented its casual line collection, met a great success at the International Moscow Exhibition, CPM. The debut collection launch resulted in cooperation offers received from many big stores in Russia.

Alena Goretskaya’s concept to create a top-quality product featuring special design, precise detailed work and perfect fit, along with the use of natural fabrics and high-quality materials allowed the brand to get many devoted customers within a short time.

Aleksandra, Alena Goretskaya’s daughter, became a leading designer and the main inspirational figure of the Alena Goretskaya casual clothing line.

Aleksandra made her name as a designer long before her work at the company. In 2006 and 2008, she participated with her designer collections in the contest Fashion Mill. In 2009, during her studies at European Institute of Design (Instituto Europeo di Design, Milano) she took part in the fashion show ADR project broadcast by the top Italian TV channels. Anna Dello Russo, a Fashion Director at Vogue Japan and an Editor-at-large at Vogue Nippon, was a founder and a host of that project. Alexandra’s works created within that fashion project were esteemed by the jury and Anna Dello Russo in particular, so that enabled her to win and take first place.

Each collection by Alena Goretskaya has a special design signature - a meticulous detailed work - imparting almost architectural precision and expression, as well as chastity and grandeur but femininity and comfort to the designer’s clothing. All collections are presented in three lines:

  • Office clothing
  • Smart casual clothing
  • Holiday evening clothing

All coming out collections are complemented with accessories: handbags, belts, bijouterie and etc., specially created in partnership with Italian manufacturers, using the designer’s sketches.

In 2015, the company launched the AG green trademark. Annually, collections of low-medium price segment are released by AG green.

All this offers an optimal single-brand store arranging. Along with the focus on clothing range much attention is given to the brand identity. Annual seasonal collections releases are followed by grand image campaigns.

Today the company is running a self-owned chain of Alena Goretskaya women’s designer clothing stores in Belarus. Moreover, single-brand Alena Goretskaya stores were opened in different cities in Russia: St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Bryansk, Kirov, Astrakhan, Nefteyugansk by the company’s partners.